Why Kettlebell

How are we different from other gyms?

SWING is different from other studios because all of our instructors are well educated in anatomy, kinesiology, programming and form to ensure the safety of our students and efficiency of every workout. SWING’s number one priority is proper form and safety of our students. SWING keeps class size small (10 people max) so instructors can make sure clients have proper form and alignment when executing exercises. Our mission is making sure that each person gets ample attention so they’re always progressing and reaching their goals in a fun and safe environment. SWING is more like group personal training in a class atmosphere.

What to expect?

You can expect to get a safe, fun, efficient workout from a well educated instructor in a clean welcoming environment. Expect your body to feel better than ever before, look better than ever before, improve your posture and become leaner and stronger than you ever thought you could.

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