Summer Slim Down Program

Sorry fellas this is for WOMEN only!

Look and feel better than ever before.

SWING San Francisco’s Summer Slim Down Program is designed to help you lose fat and tone up. Kettlebell movements require total body muscle activation, burning more fat and calories than standard barbell or machine resistance. Proper training with this centuries-old tool not only delivers increased strength, but also results in better balance, coordination, and mobility.
Whether you’re new to the kettlebell or have been battle-tested

— train smarter, not harder at SWING —


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SWING is a form based progressive system designed to take you from beginner level to expert level using our foundations one and two courses graduating to advanced class. SWING keeps classes small (10 people) so that the instructors can make sure every person has proper form and alignment when executing exercises. Classes are efficient and short at 50 minutes to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your work out and your time. At SWING we teach our students because we understand that they can’t always train in a gym and a kettle bell can be used anywhere once learned.