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KB solid

Kettlebell solid takes you through the essentials of strength training with a Kettlebell. Learn how to properly execute squats, deadlifts, lunges, overhead presses, rows, push-ups, planks and other core exercises. Mastering this class is the key to a solid foundation.

If you are a beginner or want to get really strong this is the class for you.

KB dynamic

Kettlebell dynamic jumps to the next level with Kettlebell specific exercises like get ups, high pulls, thrusters, shouldering, swings, cleans and single side work.

You must complete a total of 10 Kettlebell classes at SWING before attending KB dynamic.

KB elite

Kettlebell elite is the culmination of all your Kettlebell training. Designed to take all your training and put it together into a workout a professional athlete would appreciate.

Must have at least 10 classes of KB solid and 10 classes of KB dynamic to attend.


Move was designed to take all that strength, balance and coordination you learned and put it into movements like running, jumping, rowing, crawling, climbing, bracing and carrying.

Class is open for all to attend.

Bodyweight blast

We know Kettlebells are awesome but they can’t do everything. Bodyweight Blast is a mixture of old school calisthenics and gymnastics strength training. This class is for anyone looking to improve their relative strength, build lean muscles, increase flexibility, achieve better balance and increase injury prevention.

Class is open for all to attend.

Full body sculpt

Sculpt your body from head to toe using everything from Kettlebells and medicine balls to calisthenics and cardiovascular training. You never know what you are going get in full body sculpt except a kick ass workout.

Class is open for all to attend.


A traditional high intensity interval workout using Kettlebells, cardio and bodyweight exercises. Designed for cardio strength training in mind. This class will rip the fat from your body and leave you drowning in a puddle of your own sweat. Just kidding, or am I.

Class is open for all to attend.

Hard “core” class

Hard CORE is a class that focuses from the core out, it is a full body workout but everything is programmed with the core in mind. You will Torch fat and chisel your midsection from every angle in this ultimate core crushing class.

Class is open for all to attend.

Legs & Core

Exactly what it sounds like, lots of legs and lots of core. Learn to link those legs and core together for a more athletic and developed lower body and midsection. This class has everything from strength training and plyometics to agility and balance work.

Class is open for all to attend.


Stands for metabolic conditioning and that’s exactly what it is. Lots of lifts, sprints and high intensity work. Not for the faint of heart but if you love to sweat and push it hard this class is for you.

Class is open for all to attend.

Medicine Ball Madness

The oldest and most dynamic piece of equipment you will ever pick up. Lift, chop, rotate and stabilize in every direction using this modern day version of the 3000 year old piece of equipment. Great for those training for racket sports, boxing, wrestling and anyone looking to train multidimensionally.

Class is open for all to attend.

Ropes and Rowers

Designed to teach and improve proper rowing and jump rope techniques. This class will also leave you exhausted with the use of the 40lb battle rope. A great choice for all around strength and conditioning.

Class is open for all to attend.

Stretch, Roll & Recover

Foam rolling and stretching are a key component to keeping your health and fitness at peak levels. We all love to train hard but recovery is the most widely over looked part of training. In this class learn proper foam rolling and stretching techniques for optimum recovery, flexibility and health.

Class is open for all to attend.

Ass, Abs and Arms

A workout designed to tone the midsection, legs and arms using kettlebells, bands and body weight specific movements. Hitting everybody’s favorite parts all in one class.

Class is open for all to attend.


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20 Class Package – $400
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