Classes and Pricing

If you’re new to kettlebells, we recommend first learning proper form and movement. SWING offers Foundations One and Foundations Two classes to teach you the fundamentals and prepare you for our Advanced Kettlebell Class.

For those already comfortable with the demands of kettlebell workouts, we offer KB Advanced classes as well as conditioning classes. No matter what level of training you are, SWING offers a tailored class to take you and your training to the next level.

Kettlebell Foundations 1
Step 1: Begin with Foundations 1. Take five classes to properly learn and execute fundamental Kettlebell exercises.

Kettlebell Foundations 2

Step 2: Start Foundations 2 classes to further develop your arsenal of kettlebell movements. Continue attending both Foundations 1 and Foundations 2 classes until you’ve completed ten Foundations 1 and five Foundations 2.

Advanced Kettlebell
Step 3: Start the final level, Foundations 3, designed for those who’ve mastered the art of Kettlebell basics. These classes will focus on ballistic movements and unique Kettlebell specific exercises that test your body, balance, and mind.

Specialty Classes

Step 4: After taking a minimum of ten Foundations 1, 2 and 3 classes each, jump into Kettlebell Elite. This is a fast-paced, high intensity workout designed for college-level and professional athletes.

Note: After attending five Foundation 1 classes and starting Foundations 2, all Foundations classes can be taken simultaneously. Practicing perfect form on basic movements will greatly increase overall training and accelerate development.

Class Pricing

Single Class – $35
5 Class Package – $150 ($25 savings)
10 Class Package – $250 ($100 savings)
20 Class Package – $400 ($300 savings)

Buy 1 Get 1 Free – $30 ($30 savings) – New members only

Unlimited classes – $225 a Month (3 Month Contract)

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  • 20% Off for law enforcement, military and first responders (must show ID)
  • 20% Off for students (must show ID)
  • 20% Off for each additional family member

Corporate training available – please contact for details

Classes at SWING

  • $35 – single class
  • $160 – package of 5 classes
  • $275 – package of 10 classes
  • $500 – package of 20 classes
  • $225 per month, unlimited (take as many classes as you like)

Each 50-minute class is capped at 10 participants, ensuring all are provided with the highest level of attention from our SWING coaches.

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SWING Foundations 1

Designed to introduce the fundamentals of kettlebell training. Learn how to properly execute Get Ups, Deadlifts, Goblet Squats, Push-Ups, Rows, and Farmers Carries.

SWING Foundations 2

A natural progression from Foundations 1. Learn how to properly execute Shouldering, SWINGs, Goblet Lunges, Overhead Presses, Pull-Ups, and Rack Carries.

SWING Advanced

Step it up a notch with workouts that move at a faster pace. Master advanced moves like the Clean and Jerk, High Pulls, Snatches, Thrusters, Renegade Rows, and Windmills.


Everything comes together for a heart-pounding, high intensity workout that only kettlebells can deliver. Come SWING with the best of ’em!

Personal Training

  • $120 per session
  • $1000 per 10-pack of sessions (a $200 savings)

A 50-minute session personally conducted with a SWING coach.

Small Group Training

  • $180 per session
  • Maximum 4 participants

Get motivated with friends or co-workers and master a range of kettlebell movements together during these 50-minute sessions with a SWING coach.

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